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It is recommended not to format the source hard disk after cloning until you are sure that the cloned target disk boots fine. Two disks with the same NT signature cannot work under one operating system.

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If there are two disks with the same NT signature, at the startup the operating system will run from the first disk, discover the same signature on the second one, automatically generate a new unique NT signature and assign it to the second disk. As a result, all the volumes on the second disk will lose their letters, all paths will be invalid on the disk, and programs will not find their files.

The operating system on the second disk will be unbootable.

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  • Skip to main content. Search Search. It does not matter how many partitions you have on the source or on the target drive.

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  • Check the Copy NT signature box or leave it unchecked applies only to Windows : With the As is cloning, the partitions on the target disk will be of the exact same size as the were on the source disk. If there is any free space left on the target disk after cloning, it will be unallocated. With the proportional resizing cloning, the cloned partitions will be automatically resized to fit the space of the target drive.

    Proportional resizing works both for smaller and larger target disks. With the Copy NT signature option enabled, you will have the signature from the source disk copied to the target disk.

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  • With this option enabled, you will need to unplug one of the disks from the machine after cloning and before the first startup, otherwise the target disk will be unbootable. You cannot have two disks with the same NT signature on one machine.

    With the Copy NT signature option disabled, you will keep the existing signature of the target disk.

    Click Finish to close the wizard, then press Commit operations to start the cloning. Click Finish to close the wizard. Press Commit operations to start the cloning.

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